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New findings Support Spinosaurus Sail as thermal regulator (My own theory)

I'll throw something out to the professional scientists out there that dawned 
on me today:

The sail could not only have been added ballast, it may indeed have served a 
heat regulatory purpose. I think this is doubly likely since the new findings 
establish that it was skin covered rather than a hump - the easier to warm the 
blood that courses through the vessels just under the skin.

Think about this: Crocs need to get out of the water to sun themselves (yes, I 
KNOW that Spinosaurus was most likely NOT (as) cold-blooded as Crocs are), but 
regardless of how "warm-blooded" it was, if the water ever got too cold, the 
swimming/wading Spinosaurus could just turn the sail towards the sun - and 
voila - thermal regulation that does not require it to leave the water.

Make sense?

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