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RE: History of radiometric dating

There are some inexpensive copies of this one on Amazon. I've been meaning to 
order one for a while and did this morning - a used one for <$4 plus shipping.

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>Turney, Chris. 2007. Bones, Rocks & Stars: The Science of When Things 
>Happened. Palgrave Macmillan. 200 pp.
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>> Good day to all,
>> does anyone have any reference for a study examining the history of dating 
>> geological sediments (from Ussher to modern day
>> radiometric techniques)?
>> Especially for the mesozoic strata, which were only a hundred years ago 
>> considered to be just a few to a few tens of millions of
>> old (Allosaurus 3 Ma in 1908, Protoceratops 12 - 13 Ma in 1927)... Thank 
>> you, Tom