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Re: Deinonychus Morphological Variations within Ontogeny

Senter, 2006, is grossly in error.

Dromaeosaurs had a glenoid orientation that does not even resemble that
depicted by Senter.

Jason Brougham
Senior Principal Preparator
American Museum of Natural History
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On 4/17/15 12:30 AM, "Tim Williams" <tijawi@gmail.com> wrote:

>I wrote:
>> There is also the issue of whether _Deinonychus_ (including juveniles)
>> were capable of flapping at all.  This ability is dependent on the
>> orientation of the shoulder joint.  Dromaeosaurids have been
>> reconstructed as having a glenoid that was too ventrally oriented to
>> permit elevation of the humerus above the back (Senter, 2006).  So
>> _Deinonychus_ would have been limited to "passive" gliding or other
>> aerial behaviors that did not entail an upstroke (including WAIR).
>By which I meant: without the ability to flap, _Deinonychus_ would NOT
>have been able to perform WAIR (wing -assisted incline running).