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Russian vertpaleo monographs and books online at GeoKniga

Ben Creisler

For those not familiar with the GeoKniga site, it offers free links to
an expanding number of downloadable papers, publications, and
books--primarily in Russian--on topics related to geology and
paleontology. Some GeoKniga links show up in Google Scholar, but most
do not was far I can determine.


In recent months a number of new vert-paleo items (especially for
Permian tetrapods) have been added, including various complete
monograph volumes from the Trudy Paleontologicheskogo Instituta
(literally "Works of the Paleontological Institute," but alternately
translated either as Transactions of the Paleontological Institute or
as Proceedings of the Paleontological Institute, or as the French
Travaux de l'Institut Paléontologique de l'Académie des Sciences
(Trav. Inst. Pal. Acad. Sci.), in non-Russian scientific literature--I
have used Transactions of the Paleontological Institute here.)

While some files are offered in pdf, the larger files are usually in
djvu format, which can be converted to pdf after download if
preferred. There are many places on the web to download free djvu
readers and pdf converters.

The reproduction quality of the earlier posted documents (from 2012 or
so) may not be as clear as the some of more recently posted material.

Direct links to downloadable files are not possible apparently. You
need to go to the pdf or djvu file url at the bottom of the page that
opens with the link to the title and abstract given below. The files
need to be downloaded by right clicking and using "save link
as"--clicking to open directly usually displays nothing but code.

Many of the texts are image only, and thus cannot be copied, or
queried internally with "find" (unlike Biodiversity Heritage pdfs).
However, a few pdfs have text that can be copied and searched.

Chrome browser can provide a rough English translation of the webpages
by clicking the double box at the top right corner of the url bar on
the title and abstract page.

NOTE: Queries need to be spelled in Russian in most cases: authors,
journal titles, words in titles, etc. However, Latin spellings of taxa
names in titles also seem to work. Full text searches are not

I've listed translated titles of some of the items that may be of
particular interest to the DML and the VRTPALEO mailing lists, along
with links to the particular pages where they can be downloaded. The
selection here is obviously not all that is currently available.

A bit oddly, not much about fossil fish currently seems to be on
offer, although abundant Russian scientific literature clearly exists
for this area of vertebrate paleontology.

Apologies for the inconsistencies in the citation form. These are
meant as a help in identifying the titles,  but are not intended as a
formal citation for use in published form. Fussing to get all the
details consistent would require additional translation work and
checking of outside sources.



Kuzmina, I. (ed.) (1999) Mammoth calves Mammuthus Primigenius.
Proceedings of the Zoological Institute. Volume 275. 135 pp.



Vislobokova, I. A. 1999. Fossil Deer of Eurasia. Transactions of the
Paleontological Institute. Volume 240.



Gromova, V. 1959. Giant rhinos. Transactions of the Paleontological
Institute. Volume 71.



Flerov, K. K. (1957) Dinocerata of Mongolia. Transactions of the
Paleontological Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Vol.



Gromova, V. (1949) The history of horses (genus Equus) in the Old
World. Part 1: Overview and description of forms. Transactions of the
Paleontological Institute of the Academy of Sciences of USSR 17 (1):
1–374 (in Russian). (part 2 not yet posted)



Gromova, V. (1952) The genus Hipparion. Transactions of the
Paleontological Institute of the Academy of Sciences. Vol. 36.




Nessov, L. A. (1995) Dinosaurs of Northern Eurasia: New Data About
Assemblages, Ecology and Paleobiogeography. St Petersburg University.
St Petersburg.


English translation (without graphics) at Paleoglot



Barsbold R. & Tatarinov, L.P. (1983). Carnivorous dinosaurs from the
Cretaceous of Mongolia. Issue 19. Joint Soviet-Mongolian
Paleontological Expedition.



Kurzanov, S.M. (1987). Avimimus and the problem of the origin of
birds. Issue 31. Joint Soviet-Mongolian Paleontological Expedition.



Tumanova, T.A. (1987). Armored dinosaurs of Mongolia. Issue 32. Joint
Soviet-Mongolian Paleontological Expedition.



Sennikov, A.G. (1995) Early thecodonts of Eastern Europe [Rannie
tekodonty Vostonoj Evropy]. Transactions of the Paleontological
Institute 263: 1–139.



Archangel, M.; Ivanov, A.V.; Nelikhov, A.E. (2012) When the Volga Was
a Sea. Saratov State Technical University. 57 pp.


Popular-level book about Russian marine reptiles and other Mesozoic
creatures of the Volga region. Dedicated to the late Russian
paleontologist V. G. Ochev. The color paintings are by Andrey Atuchin
(my personal favorite is a group of very young ichthyosaurs
investigating a gigantic swimming ammonite (Speetoniceras [>2 m])).
Note that some ichthyosaurs mentioned have since been renamed
(Platypterygius bannovkensis > Pervushovisaurus bannovkensis).

The pdf text for this book can be searched and copied, so you can use
Google Translate.


Russian version of 1961 Augusta-Burian book on pterosaurs and Mesozoic
birds (called "Prehistoric Reptiles and Birds" in English, but "Flying
Saurians and Ancient Birds" in Russian)




Efremov, I. A. (1954) A fauna of terrestrial vertebrates in the
Permian Cupriferous Sandstones of the western Ural region.  [in
Russian]. Transactions of the Paleontological Institute URSS Volume
54:  1-416, 82 figs., 33 pls.



Efremov, I. A. (editor) (1955) Materials on the Permian and Triassic
tetrapods USSR. Transactions of the Paleontological Institute. Volume



Efremov, I. A. (1950) Taphonomy and the geological record. Book 1.
Burial of terrestrial fauna in the Paleozoic. Transactions of the
Paleontological Institute. Volume 26.



Orlov, Y. A. (1958). Predatory Dinocephalia (Titanosuchia) fauna from
Isheev. Transactions of the Paleontological Institute. Vol 72.



Chudinov, P. K. (1983) Early Therapsids [Rannie Terapsidy].
Transactions of the Paleontological  Instituta 202: 1-230.



Tatarinov, L.P. (1974) Teriodonty SSSR (Theriodonts of the USSR).
Akademiya Nauk SSSR Transactions of the Paleontological Institute of
the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. V. 143: 1–250. [In Russian]



 Ivakhenko, M. F. (2001) Tetrapods from the East European Placket—Late
Paleozoic Natural Territorial Complex. Transactions of the
Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences 283:



Getmanov, S. N. (1989) Triassic amphibians from the East European
Platform (family Benthosuchidae Efremov).