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Re: Date of T. rex discovery

When was the material { NMC 9380; formerly AMNH 973 ) which would become 
"Tyrannosaurus rex" discovered?

Discovered and collected by Barnum Brown, 1902, 1905; at Fort Peck, Dawson 
County, Montana. reposited in the AMNH. 
Named Tyrannosaurus rex by H F Osborn, 1905

---- Poekilopleuron <dinosaurtom2015@seznam.cz> wrote: 
> Good day,
> I would like to ask what is the first date of _Tyrannosaurus rex_ discovery?
> I know that the first unrecognized remains were found already in 1874, but 
> the first scientifically recognized specimen was Barnum Brown's individual 
> from eastern Montana. Many sources give a date of 12th August 1902 as the 
> day of its discovery, but Jack Horner in his book "Dinosaurs under the Big 
> Sky" repeatedly uses the year 1903. So what is the true date (I guess it is 
> 1902, but Horner is a respectable authority, esp. when it comes to T. rex). 
> Thank you, Tom