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RE: Date of T. rex discovery

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> Yes, all these specimens would be later after 1905 recognized as 
> Tyrannosajurus rex, but at the time they were discovered what they
> were could not determined other than that of large carnivorous dinosaurs.
> Osborn provided the genus names Tyrannosaurus, Albertosaurus & Dynamosaurus 
> in 1905.
> ---Dynamosaurus imperiosus [ AMNH 5866 ] discovered in 1900, Wyoming, named 
> by Osborn in 1905, recognized as Tyrannosaurus rex
> in 1906 after finally preparation and examination was completed. Synonymized 
> as T-rex because Osborn's 1905 T-rex paper came first.

Actually, no. Dynamosaurus and Tyrannosaurus were named in the VERY SAME PAPER: 

> ---Ornithomimus grandis [Metatarsal III, no catalog number], discovered by 
> John Bell Hatcher, near foot of the bluffs on the south
> banks of the Missouri River, opposite Cow Island, Fergus County, Montana, 
> named by Marsh in 1890, identified as a tyrannosaur by
> Huene in 1932.

The type of O. grandis is likely not Tyrannosaurus rex, but Gilmore recognized 
that some of the referred material was (in the 1920 monograph on theropods in 
the USNM)

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