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Re: Exact length of Sue

How does the length of FMNH PR 2081 compare to AMNH 5027?



Jerry Alpern
AMNH Tour Guide

On Apr 21, 2015, at 6:42 AM, Darius Nau <dariusnau@gmx.at> wrote:

> FMNH PR 2081 seems to be almost exactly 12.3m (40.35feet) long. That is the 
> length given by Hutchinson et al. (2011), who laser-scanned the skeleton, and 
> one gets almost the exact same figure when measuring the axial length in 
> Scott Hartman’s (2013) skeletal reconstruction of the same specimen.
> These are probably the most accurate representations of its total length that 
> are available, and I’m willing to trust them over a museum website any day.
> As regards intervertebral spacings, they must surely add to the total length, 
> although how much is a good question. I’m a bit in the dark as to how much 
> these estimates and reconstructions already account for them tough.
> Brochu, Christopher A. (2003): Osteology of Tyrannosaurus rex: Insights from 
> a Nearly Complete Skeleton and High-Resolution Computed Tomographic Analysis 
> of the Skull. Memoir (Society of Vertebrate Paleontology), Vol. 7 pp. 1-138
> Hartman, Scott (2013): A T. rex named Sue 3.0. 
> http://scotthartman.deviantart.com/art/A-T-rex-named-Sue-3-0-124138016 
> (accessed 12 April 2015)
> Hutchinson, John R.; Bates, Karl T.; Molnar, Julia; Allen, Vivian; Makovicky, 
> Peter J. (2011): A Computational Analysis of Limb and Body Dimensions in 
> Tyrannosaurus rex with Implications for Locomotion, Ontogeny, and Growth. 
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> Larson, Peter (2008): Variation and Sexual Dimorphism in Tyrannosaurus rex. 
> In: Larson, Peter; Carpenter, Kenneth: Tyrannosaurus rex the Tyrant King. 
> Bloomington pp. 103-128
> On 2015-04-21 07:29, Poekilopleuron wrote:
> >Good day,
> >thank you all for your reply to my previous question (I assume Jack >Horner's
> >given date of 1903 must be a mistake). I have another question >regarding
> >tyrannosaurs - what is the exact length of specimen FMNH 2081 (Sue)? >I've
> >seen various values ranging from 12,2 to 12,9 metres (about 41 to 43 >feet),
> >which one is correct? Or is it unknown at such a precise manner given >that
> >we don't currently understand how wide are intervertebral "gaps" >and/or how
> >much would soft tissue add to the actual length of the skeleton? Thank >you
> >very much, Tom
> Yours sincerely,
> Darius Nau
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