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RE: Stegosaurus sexually dimorphic dermal plates

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> Paul P
> This seems to be, at least in part, an issue of quantity vs. quality.
> The old way was for the author, and to some degree the editor, to distill a 
> project into a nice, tight little paper (in-house
> notwithstanding). Now apparently it's the reader's job to take all the parts 
> (S1 text, figures, tables, etc.), decide what's
important, and
> then piece that together into something readable.
> Is it just me, or do others too have difficulty reading a paper that 
> constantly references figures that aren't present?

While it's understandable that the "extended abstract" journals (Nature, 
Science, PNAS) need to put a lot of stuff in supplementals,
an online journal like PLoS doesn't need to do that as much. There aren't "page 
charges" as such, so I agree: any figure or table or
text referenced more than once should probably be in the paper itself. 
(Appendices excluded).

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