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More free Russian monographs and books online

Ben Creisler

Here are some additional Russian monographs and books that I have
found available to download for free online.



Additional vert-paleo material from the GeoKniga site. Again, these
need to be downloaded by right-clicking on the link to the pdf or djvu
file toward the bottom of the page.


After more searching with different queries, I found a number of
Russian books and monographs on fossil fish:

Novitskaya, L. I. (ed.) (2004) Agnathans and Early Fishes. Fossil
Vertebrates of Russia and Adjacent Countries. Reference book for
paleontologists, biologists and geologists. GEOS, Moscow, 2004, 436



Obruchev, D.V. (1941) Materials on Devonian fishes of the USSR.
Transactions of the Paleontological Institute. Volume 8, Issue 4: 52



Vorobyova, E. (1962) Rhizodont crossopterygians from the Devonian Main
Field of the USSR. Transactions of the Paleontological Institute.
Volume 94. 141 p.



Obrucheva, O.P. (1962) Armored fishes from the Devonian of the USSR.
Moscow University Press, Moscow, 1962, 191 pp.



Obruchev, D.V.  (1953) The study of edestids and the work of
A.P.Karpinskii. Transactions of the Paleontological Institute. Volume

Volume 45




Shishkin, M.A. (1987) The evolution of ancient amphibians
(Plagiosauroidea). Nauka, Moscow, 1987, 143 pp




Ivakhnenko, MF & Kurochkin, EN (eds.) 2008. Fossil Vertebrates of
Russia and adjacent countries. Fossil reptiles and birds. Part 1: A.
Reference book for paleontologists, biologists and geologists. GEOS,
Moscow, 2008, 348 pp.



Ivakhnenko, M.F. (1979) Permian and Triassic Procolophonids of the
Russian Platform. Transactions of the Paleontological Institute.
Volume 164. 80 pp.



Efimov, M.B. (1988) Fossil crocodiles and champsosaurids from Mongolia
and the USSR. Nauka, Moscow, 1988, 108 pp.



Nessov, L.A. (1997) Non-marine Cretaceous vertebrates northern
Eurasia. BIN RAS, Moscow, 269 p.



Golubev, VK. Gubin YM. Ivakhnenko MF. Kalandadze NN. Novikov IV.
Rautian AS. Sennikov AG (1997) Permian and Triassic tetrapods of
Eastern Europe. Transactions of the Paleontological Institute. Volume



Tatarinov, L. P. (1976) Morphological Evolution of the Theriodonts and
the General Problems of Phylogenetics. Nauka, Moscow. 260 pp.



>From the Darwin Museum website:

V. G. Ochev memorial volume 2009 pdf

Shishkin, M. A.  & and Tverdokhlebov, V. P (eds.) (2009). Memories of
Professor Vitalii Georgievich Ochev (1931-2004). Nauchnaya Kniga
[Scientific Books]. Saratov. 215 pp.


The pdf can be searched and copied (so text can be pasted into online
translation tools).

NOTE: The volume contains descriptions of a number of new fossil fish
taxa (including the genera Arctovitalia, Moltenia, Kapokichthys) that
do no show up in any of the online zoological and paleontological
databases I checked.

Includes a biography, list of publications, and various papers on
vertebrate paleontology topics with English title and abstract for
each paper.

Vert-paleo papers include:

Averianov A.O. & Panteleyev A.V. — Coracoid fragments of a large
azhdarchid (Pterosauria, Azhdarchidae) from the Campanian of Saratov

Averianov A.O. — Ankylosaur (Ornithischia, Ankylosauridae) humerus
from the Late Cretaceous of Kazakhstan

Kalandadze N.N., Shapovalov A.V. & Tesakova E.M. — On nomenclatural
problems concerning wooly rhinoceros Coelodonta antiquitatis
(Blumenbach, 1799)

Minikh A.V. — New actinopterygian fishes from the Upper Permian of
Eastern Europe

Minikh A.V. & Minikh M.G. — Main events in development of the
Middle-Upper Permian ichthyofauna of Eastern Europe

Novikov I.V., Lebedev A.O. & Krupina N.I. — New data on the early
Triassic sarcopterygians(Pisces: Actinistia and Dipnoi) of Eastern

Sumin D.L. — Hibernation as a factor responsible for preservation of
the Pareiasauria in the Kotelnich locality

Surkov M.V., Benton M., Twitchett R.J., Tverdokhlebov V.P., Newell
A.J. & Looy C.V. — The footprints of large therapsids from Vyatkian
gorizont deposits (Upper Permian) in south Urals

Sytchevskaya E.K. — The first find of the Acrolepidae (Pisces,
Palaeonisciformes) in the Lower Triassic of Northern Asia

Sytchevskaya E.K., Anderson H.M. & Anderson J.M — Late Triassic fishes
of South Africa