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Re: Theropod classification (link update)

Mickey Mortimer <mickey_mortimer111@msn.com> wrote:

[snip]  >  I'm happy to see that definition get out in the literature,
as well as definitions for Allosauria, Elmisaurinae, Coeluridae and

Perhaps they could also spell "Caudipteridae" correctly
(Caudipterygidae).  After all, we have Archaeopterygidae and
Scansoriopterygidae.  The correct spelling Caudipterygidae has been
used, for example, in the recent _Hunansaurus_ description (Lu et al.

It's also unfortunate (and no fault at all of the authors) that
publication of this PalArch monograph was leapfrogged by the
description of _Yi_ earlier this year.  Thus, we now know that the
slender and super-elongated finger of scansoriopteygids supported a
membranous structure (wing?) rather than being used as a climbing aid,
or to probe invertebrate prey (as in the aye-aye).