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Re: Pterygornis, new enantiornithine bird from Jehol Biota of China

Mickey Mortimer <mickey_mortimer111@msn.com> wrote:

> Continuing the trend to leave earlier ideas for names in Chinese bird papers,
> the cladogram in figure 8 lists Pterygornis as "Dispersusia", no doubt in 
> reference
> to the dispersed elements of the holotype.  Thus is joins the hallowed ranks 
> of
> "Similicathayornis" (Houornis) and "Dalianornis" (Shenqiornis).

Also "Eoornithura" (for _Schizooura_) and "Eomicroraptor" (for _Yi_).

Returning to the _Pterygornis_ paper, the phylogeny recovers
_Schizooura_, _Vorona_ and _Patagopteryx_ in their own clade.  This is
an interesting arrangement.  Does it imply that _Schizooura_ and
_Vorona_ were volant patagopterygids?