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Re: what pisses off paleontologists

Hi Tom
Not so sure about that.
Although highly interested in palaeontology since I'm 6 (and I'am 57 now), I think laypeople like me appreciate the new view that you, palaeontologists, have given to your science. I guess Jurassic Park has helped in the process, but new researches are taken more seriously, people now are (quite fully) convinced that birds are dinosaurs, and they are really interested (for what I know) in phylogenetics, when, a few decades ago, it was said that man came from fish.. which is not wrong, in a way. Discovery of Anomalocaris, for example, has changed the view we had of the cambrian explosion. Tiktaalik has changed the way we looked at early tetrapods.
I know of noone who asks which is the big one or the fast one.
We just await for new discoveries and descriptions because we know science is walking slowly.
My two euro-pence
Best regards

Le 02/12/2015 13:26, Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. a écrit :
You forgot a biggie: the public's inability to appreciate or accept uncertainty and 
ambiguity. Such as "how fast did this dinosaur
run?" "Which were larger, males or females?" and all sorts of other things that 
they want to know (and we do, too), but which we
currently can't resolve.

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Subject: what pisses off paleontologists

Hey all,
I'm putting together a couple of essays for the general public about dinosaurs 
and paleontology, and I want to make sure I got my
facts straight.

This essay is about things that anger professional paleontologists. So far I've 
got (1)crackpot taxonomic theories (2)the public's
to accept feathered dinosaurs and (3)fossil theft. Have I missed anything?

Now's your chance to vent!