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Crocodilian Nest in Late Cretaceous Sauropod Hatchery in India

Ben Creisler

New in PLoS ONE:

Rahul Srivastava, Rajeev Patnaik, U. K. Shukla & Ashok Sahni (2015)
Crocodilian Nest in a Late Cretaceous Sauropod Hatchery from the Type
Lameta Ghat Locality, Jabalpur, India.
PLoS ONE 10(12): e0144369

The well-known Late Cretaceous Lameta Ghat locality (Jabalpur, India)
provides a window of opportunity to study a large stable, near shore
sandy beach, which was widely used by sauropod dinosaurs as a
hatchery. In this paper, we revisit the eggs and eggshell fragments
previously assigned to lizards from this locality and reassign them to
crocodylomorphs. Several features point to a crocodilian affinity,
including a subspherical to ellipsoidal shape, smooth, uneven external
surface, discrete trapezoid shaped shell units with wide top and
narrow base, basal knobs and wedge shaped crystallites showing typical
inverted triangular extinction under crossed nicols. The
crocodylomorph eggshell material presented in this paper adds to the
skeletal data of these most probably Cretaceous-Eocene dryosaurid