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Anshunsaurus (Upper Triassic thalattosaur from China) juvenile specimen described (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A recent paper in open access:

M. W. Maisch (2015)
A juvenile specimen of Anshunsaurus huangguoshuensis LIU, 1999
(Diapsida: Thalattosauria) from the Upper Triassic of China.
Palaeodiversity 8: 71-87.

A new specimen, an almost complete skeleton with a well-preserved
skull, of the askeptosaurid thalattosaur Anshunsaurus huangguoshuensis
is described from the Xiaowa Formation (Carnian) of Guanling County,
Guizhou Province, southwestern China. It is the third described
specimen and the first juvenile or subadult of this taxon, being only
about half the size of the holotype. It therefore offers, for the
first time, the possibility to record some ontogenetic changes in the
skeleton of that species. These affect, among other features,
proportions of the skull, lack of co-ossification of certain cranial
and postcranial bones, and proportions of the appendicular skeleton.
The new specimen also provides additional information on numerous
details of the anatomy of this rare taxon that were hitherto unknown
or insufficiently known.