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RE: Passing of Jack McIntosh


Thank you for keeping us inform.

Jack was a truly great and gentle man. He always had encouraging words for 
young researchers, and was a phenomenal font of knowledge.

For those who have not read it (or haven't read it lately), here is a wonderful 
interview with Jack by Jeff Wilson & Kristi Curry Rogers from a few years ago:

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> I have been trying unsuccessfully to post this to these groups since this 
> morning, so here's another go at it.  Some of you may have
> seen my posting about Jack's death on Facebook.
> Dan
> It is with deep regret that I report that John S. McIntosh passed away this 
> morning.  He was 92 years old at the time of his death. I will
> pass on information about funeral services, etc. as I become aware of them.
> He was well known, respected, and loved by many on these lists and over the 
> years he helped innumerable paleontologists around
> the world.
> Better known as "Jack", he was a theoretical physicist at Weslyan University 
> (CT) and also for many, many decades the authority on
> sauropod dinosaurs.  As Jack often told the tale, this was the result of, as 
> a senior at Yale University and torn between dinosaur
> paleontology and physics, he went to Richard S. Lull, the then Yale dinosaur 
> expert.  Lull told him there was no future in dinosaur
> paleontology so he went into physics!
> More info to follow
> Dan Chure