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Re: Jack McIntosh (1923-2015) + giant plesiosaur from Argentina + more news

As a reflection of the high esteem in which he was held, Jack McIntosh
has had no less than three sauropod species named after him:

_Abydosaurus mcintoshi_ Chure, Britt, Whitlock, and Wilson, 2010

_Brontomerus mcintoshi_ Taylor, Wedel, and Cifelli, 2011

_Ultrasaurus macintoshi_ Jensen, 1985 (Now defunct, as a junior
synonym of _Supersaurus_; but it still counts.  Note the 'a' inserted
by Jensen into _macintoshi_, presumably to render it phonetic.)

The first two were apparently named within 12 months of each other
(according to SV-POW).

Apparently 'McIntosh' means 'son of the chieftain', with 'in' meaning
'the' and 'tosh' meaning 'Toshack' (from the Welsh 'tywysog' meaning
'prince' or 'ruler').  I mention this because as yet there has been no
sauropod genus that honors John S. McIntosh; 'McIntosh' would be
difficult to work into a genus name, but the derivation of McIntosh
could be more amenable (e.g., Toshack = chieftain) .