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Glaurung, new weigeltisaurid from Upper Permian of Germany (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A new paper not yet mentioned:

V. V. Bulanov and A. G. Sennikov (2015)
Glaurung schneideri gen. et sp. nov., a New Weigeltisaurid (Reptilia)
from the Kupfershiefer (Upper Permian) of Germany.
Paleontological Journal 49 (12): 1353–1364

Free pdf:


A new genus and species of gliding reptiles of family
Weigeltisauridae, Glaurung schneideri gen. et sp. nov., from the
Kupfershiefer (Upper Permian) of Germany is described and assigned to
the newly established subfamily Glaurunginae subfam. nov. Glaurung is
distinguished from other weigeltisaurid genera by the shape of the
parietal, squamosal, and postorbital and also by the shape and
distribution of ornamental out growths on the skull roof bones.
Morphological differences between G. schneideri and W. jaekeli result
from phylogenetic differentiation rather than sexual dimorphism, as
was previously thought.