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Dinosaur extinction + Scott Sampson + Brazilian paleoart + more

Ben Creisler

Some recent news items:

Opinion piece about the revival of the Deccan Traps volcanism as cause
or major part of Cretaceous extinction


NOTE: This piece mentions work by Mark Richards. He gave a talk last
May at Berkeley about his research and efforts to find the K-Pg
boundary signal in the Deccan eruption sequence, along with the
possible link between global earthquakes and a subsequent massive
pulse of magma at the Deccan site shortly after the impact.

The talk is on YouTube at this link.

Extraterrestrial impact in Yucatán, lava floods & Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction
Mark Richards, geologist at Berkeley (former dean at Berkeley)


Note that this was part of a ceremony for Richards stepping down as a
dean and returning to the Geology Department at Berkeley. His talk
actually starts about 8 minutes in. I was going to mention this video
in a planned 2014 summary (now postponed).

Abstract of research



And for fun, this new "theory" that dinosaurs went extinct because
they didn't recycle their  glass containers and separate plastic from
organic material, causing an environment crisis... (in Spanish)


Interview with Scott Sampson


More on study of dinosaur tracks at Quintanilla de las Viñas (Burgos,
Spain), including unique sauropod prints (in Spanish)




Paleoart from Brazil by Rodolfo Nogueira, with image gallery  (in Portuguese)


His images with watermarks



And now for something completely different. A sauropod made out of
straw and covered in snow from China...