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Re: Koshisaurus, new basal hadrosauroid from Lower Cretaceous of Japan

Some additional info and photos of Koshisaurus on this blog (in Chinese):


On Mon, Feb 2, 2015 at 8:53 AM, Ben Creisler <bcreisler@gmail.com> wrote:
> Ben Creisler
> bcreisler@gmail.com
> A new paper not yet mentioned:
> Masateru Shibata and Yoichi Azuma (2015)
> New basal hadrosauroid (Dinosauria: Ornithopoda) from the Lower
> Cretaceous Kitadani Formation, Fukui, central Japan.
> Zootaxa 3914 (4): 421–440.
> doi:10.11646/zootaxa.3914.4.3.
> http://biotaxa.org/Zootaxa/article/view/zootaxa.3914.4.3
> Preview pdf:
> http://www.mapress.com/zootaxa/2015/f/z03914p440f.pdf
> A new basal hadrosauroid, Koshisaurus katsuyama, from the Lower
> Cretaceous Kitadani Formation in Fukui, central Japan, is reported.
> The new taxon is distinguished by an autapomorphy and a unique
> combination of maxillary, vertebral, pubic and femoral characters. A
> phylogenetic analysis indicates that Koshisaurus is positioned as a
> basal member of Hadrosauroidea and is more derived than the
> contemporaneous Fukuisaurus, which is a non-hadrosauroid
> hadrosauriform. The presence of the antorbital fossa on the maxilla
> and at least three subsidiary ridges on the labial side of maxillary
> tooth crown implies that Koshisaurus was among the most basal
> hadrosauroids. This discovery indicates a higher diversity of
> hadrosauroids along the eastern margin of the Asian continent in the
> Early Cretaceous.