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Re: Koshisaurus photo + Australian opal dinosaurs + more

 Errk. My bad! Apparently the restored skeleton IS Fukuisaurus. I did
a search for an image of Koshisaurus, and this came up in a search
engine that will not be named. Evidently the photo was indexed to the
name Koshisaurus because Koshisaurus is said to resemble Fukuisaurus.

 I couldn't copy the display label in the photo into Google Translate
to double-check. I already messed up my New Year's Resolution to
double-check translations before hitting send with Tethyshadros last
month. (However, the blog I posted yesterday in Chinese WAS
Koshisaurus material.)

So, anyway, this is Fukuisaurus, which given the lack of a complete
skeleton for Koshisaurus gives a useful (but not perfect)

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>> Some recent items:
>> Photo of Koshisaurus reconstructed skeleton
>> http://ameblo.jp/coogysbar/image-11983773425-13204294512.html
> I believe that is Fukuisaurus, actually.
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