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RE: Koshisaurus photo + Australian opal dinosaurs + more

Well, Fukuisaurus itself is only known from a partial skull and sternum, so its 
skeleton is basically unknown too.  Also, while both genera are from the same 
formation, Shibata and Azuma (2015) do not regard them as particularly closely 
related.  Fukuisaurus is resolved as more closely related to Iguanodon and 
Proa, while Koshisaurus is.... somewhere else.  Alas, the authors decided to 
use an Adams consensus tree, in which basal taxa can either be truly basal or 
actually fall in multiple positions at least as derived as their Adams 
placement, so without running their analysis and pruning taxa a posteriori, we 
don't know exactly where it goes.


Mickey Mortimer

> Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2015 14:19:11 -0800
> From: bcreisler@gmail.com
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> Subject: Re: Koshisaurus photo + Australian opal dinosaurs + more
> Errk. My bad! Apparently the restored skeleton IS Fukuisaurus. I did
> a search for an image of Koshisaurus, and this came up in a search
> engine that will not be named. Evidently the photo was indexed to the
> name Koshisaurus because Koshisaurus is said to resemble Fukuisaurus.
> I couldn't copy the display label in the photo into Google Translate
> to double-check. I already messed up my New Year's Resolution to
> double-check translations before hitting send with Tethyshadros last
> month. (However, the blog I posted yesterday in Chinese WAS
> Koshisaurus material.)
> So, anyway, this is Fukuisaurus, which given the lack of a complete
> skeleton for Koshisaurus gives a useful (but not perfect)
> approximation.
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>>> Subject: Koshisaurus photo + Australian opal dinosaurs + more
>>> Ben Creisler
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>>> Some recent items:
>>> Photo of Koshisaurus reconstructed skeleton
>>> http://ameblo.jp/coogysbar/image-11983773425-13204294512.html
>> I believe that is Fukuisaurus, actually.
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