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Dinosaur remains from the Late Triassic of southern Brazil

Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

Flávio A. Pretto, Cesar L. Schultz & Max C. Langer (2015)
New dinosaur remains from the Late Triassic of southern Brazil
(Candelária Sequence, Hyperodapedon Assemblage Zone).
Alcheringa (advance online publication) 39, xxx–xxx. ISSN 0311-5518

The oldest unequivocal dinosaurian records come from Upper Triassic
strata, mostly from Argentina and Brazil. Recent fieldwork in the
Brazilian deposits of Ischigualastian age (late Carnian–earliest
Norian) have resulted in the collection of a new specimen
(UFRGS-PV-1240-T) identified as dinosaurian by the presence of a
concave emargination on the ventral surface of the femoral head and a
well-developed deltopectoral crest on the humerus, which extends for
ca 40% of its estimated proximodistal length. Although fragmentary,
the material increases the dinosaurian record from the Late Triassic
of Brazil, which is still modest when compared with coeval Argentine
strata. Additionally, UFRGS-PV-1240-T augments the dinosaurian
diversity at the ‘Sítio Janner’ site, which was until now restricted
to the sauropodomorph Pampadromaeus barberenai. The new specimen is
larger than most early dinosaurians (except for herrerasaurids),
implying that members of the group were already occupying niches
otherwise explored by other larger-bodied taxa in the ‘Sítio Janner’
palaeofauna, and Late Triassic palaeoenvironments in general.