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Apatodon in the Bone Wars

Hi everyone.  I've hit a roadblock researching Apatodon and was hoping someone 
could help.  We all know Baur (1890) said he looked at the supposed mammal-like 
jaw of Apatodon and determined it was part of a dinosaur vertebra.  But there's 
another similar story in Shor's 1974 book "The fossil feud between E. D. Cope 
and O. C. Marsh".  According to Google Books' preview, on page 213, it's 

"Professor Marsh has published in the American Journal of Science, September, 
1877, the description of a very remarkable new mammal, Apatodon mirus. I have 
seen the type specimen, and consider it, in the same way as other assistants of 
Professor Marsh do, not as the jaw of a mammal, but as a piece of a vertebrae 
[sic] of a Dinosaur. Professor Marsh is apparently of the same opinion, for in 
his "list of genera," printed as manuscript, Apatodon is enumerated as 
Dinosaur. The question is only Why has Professor Marsh not published 
corrections to his previous statements? and has he recognized himself the true 
nature of the fossil, or has it been pointed out to him? One of his assistants 
has made to me, and in..."

... after an account of Marsh hiding Laopteryx from this person because they 
realized it wasn't a bird.  But because of Google Books' limited preview 
function, I can't determine who wrote this or what document it's quoting.  I 
suspect it might be Otto Meyer, but would appreciate it if anyone had the book 
and could check.  Thanks for any help.

Mickey Mortimer

Reference- Shor, 1974. The fossil feud between E. D. Cope and O. C. Marsh. 
Exposition Press. 340 pp.