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Gansus (ornithuromoprh bird) postcranial skeleton

Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

Ya-Ming Wang, Jingmai K. O'Connor, Da-Qing Li & Hai-Lu You (2015)
New information on postcranial skeleton of the Early Cretaceous Gansus
yumenensis (Aves: Ornithuromorpha).
Historical Biology (advance online publication)

Gansus yumenensis Hou and Liu, 1984 is a basal ornithuromorph bird
that has been recovered from the Lower Cretaceous Xiagou Formation in
the Changma Basin of Gansu Province in northwestern China. Although it
bears important significance in understanding the origin and early
evolution of Ornithuromorpha, this taxon has only received preliminary
morphological study. Here, we provide a detailed description of the
postcranial morphology of Gansus yumenensis based on seven new
specimens and new data from previously reported specimens, and update
diagnosis for this taxon. Our phylogenetic analysis including new
morphological data on Gansus yumenensis resolves all known four genera
of Changma ornithuromorphs as more derived taxa than Jehol members of
this clade, indicating the difference between Changma and Jehol