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New mammal localities in Lower Cretaceous Ilek Formation of West Siberia

Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

Alexander Averianov, Alexey Lopatin, Pavel Skutschas & Sergey
Leshchinskiy (2015)
Two new mammal localities within the Lower Cretaceous Ilek Formation
of West Siberia, Russia.
Geobios (advance online publication)

Two new mammal localities have been discovered in the Lower Cretaceous
Ilek Formation of West Siberia, Russia, during a field work in 2014.
The Smolenskii Yar locality in the Chebula District of Kemerovo
Province produced an upper molariform tooth (M2) of a Gobiconodontidae
indet. The Ust’-Kolba locality in the Tisul’ District of Kemerovo
Province yielded a lower molar (m2) of the zhangheotherian Kiyatherium
sp. These are the ninth and tenth Mesozoic mammal localities for
Russia. The Kiyatherium-bearing vertebrate assemblage from the
Shestakovo 3 and Ust'-Kolba localities is likely to be the youngest
within the Ilek Formation, reflecting the time after the extinction of
the Tritylodontidae.