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Dagasuchus, new 'rauisuchian' archosaur from Middle Triassic of Brazil

Ben Creisler

New in PLoS ONE:


Marcel B. Lacerda, Cesar L. Schultz & Cristina Bertoni-Machado (2015)
First 'Rauisuchian' archosaur (Pseudosuchia, Loricata) for the Middle
Triassic Santacruzodon Assemblage Zone (Santa Maria Supersequence),
Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil.
PLoS ONE 10(2): e0118563.

The 'Rauisuchia' are a group of Triassic pseudosuchian archosaurs that
displayed a near worldwide distribution. In Brazil, their fossils are
found only in the Santa Maria Formation (Paraná Basin) of the Rio
Grande do Sul State, specifically in the Middle Triassic
Dinodontosaurus assemblage zone (AZ) and the Late Triassic
Hyperodapedon AZ (Rauisuchus tiradentes). Between these two cenozones
is the Santacruzodon AZ (Middle Triassic), whose record was, until
now, restricted to non-mammalian cynodonts and the proterochampsian
Chanaresuchus bonapartei. Here we present the first occurrence of a
rauisuchian archosaur for this cenozone, from the Schoenstatt outcrop,
located near the city of Santa Cruz do Sul and propose a new species,
based on biostratigraphical evidence and a comparative osteological