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Otozoum trackway from Lower Jurassic of Morocco (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A recent paper not yet mentioned (in open access):

M. Masrour and F. Pérez-Lorente (2014)
Otozoum trackway in Issil-n-Aït Arbi (Lower Jurassic, Central High
Atlas, Morocco) / Rastrillada de Otozoum en Issil-n-Aït Arbi (Jurásico
Inferior, Alto Atlas Central, Marruecos).
Geogaceta 56: 107-110

A new site has been found in the Central HighAtlas, in the Issil-n-Aït
Arbi near the Dadés Gorges. This paper is the first study presented of
this locality, with the description of a quadruped trackway of
pentadactyl pes and tridactyl manus, which we have attributed to
Otozoum. The characters of these prints and trackway are described,
compared, and analyzed in the text and they are attributed to a
prosauropod trackmaker. Some anatomical considerations are deduced
from this type of trackway. It is the first track of this ichnogenus
cited in north of Africa, though it is possible other similar ones
exist in Lesotho.