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Phil Currie podcast interview + Jurassic dinosaurs

Ben Creisler

Some recent items:

Phil Currie interview Dinosaurs of Alberta on Palaeocast podcast:



New Jurassic dinosaurs (in Spanish)


This blog posting in Spanish mentions the various new taxa of
stegosaurs proposed by Russian free-lancer Roman Ulansky, whom I
mentioned on the DML for an earlier self-published item. He has now
self-published more short pieces in late 2014 claiming to give the
proposed names formal status.

However, as noted in the DinoAstur blog above, the status of Ulansky's
self-published new stegosaur genera and species appears questionable.
The new taxa are all based on the descriptions of species or fossil
material published by formal scholars in the field, who may have
considered the material nondiagnostic, or for material that may be
under study by someone else.

Ulansky himself did not examine the fossils. He offers no rigorous
definition of the taxa or a phylogenetic analysis, or apparently any
acknowledgment of scholarly vetting of his work by experts.

Think of the self-published "Amphicoelias brontodiplodocus" of a few
years back that has not been accepted or acknowledged in the formal
literature. And maybe even the Raymond Hoser situation in Australia,
where the self-styled herpetologist's self-published new names for
taxa are being systematically boycotted by career herpetologists, who
have called on the ICZN to find a way to render Hoser's names invalid.

Bottom line here is that mentioning the above blog post is not meant
as a recognition that Ulansky's new stegosaur names are valid or
should be used.

However, Ulansky registered his names on Zoobank and Wikipedia has
entries for the new names.