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RE: K-T impact in early June?

In the spirit of determining the age of events long past...I'm reminded of 
James Ussher (1581–1656)
Anglican Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland [Earth was created 
Sunday 23 October 4004 BC]

Of course James Ussher was a tad off on his calculations but so many 
advancements have been made in the science of dating since

The K/Pg impact event was in early June...or correctly according to John 
Schneiderman as Thursday 7 June 66,231,962 BCE
Unfortunately the popular tabloids of the day states 65,502,015 BCE without 
month or day mentioned...so who are you going to believe...oh and by-the-way: 
the last non-avian dinosaur [a Triceratops horridus] died 3 days later, thus 
there were Paleogene dinosaurs.

John Schneiderman

>Well, Wolfe has at least a 1 out of 12 chance of being correct!! :-)

>But, as you note, given the greater number of days per year, it is better to 
>think of "time of year" rather than "month". And even
>there, keep in mind that growth cycles of plants will be different on a warmer

>This is one data point, and a highly speculative one at that.

>In Science, accepting ambiguity and uncertainty are highly important. This is 
>one of those occasions. Until more data can be
>gathered to test this, we just don't know.

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> Subject: K-T impact in early June?
> Good day to all list members,
> Denver Fowler was kind enough to notify me of this interesting study from
> 1991: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/v352/n6334/abs/352420a0.html. Its 
> author, Jack A. Wolfe, comes with a possible "date"
> of K-T impact based on the fossilized flowers "frozen" by a nuclear winter 
> immediately after the impact. I'm aware that it is
> speculative and hypothetical, so I would like to ask what is the general 
> opinion of this research today? Has anyone ever continued
> this research or came up with something new? Are there alternate explanations 
> about these fossils (geological time, state of
> preservation etc.)? And also - can we talk about "modern" months like June in 
> the geologic past, when a single year had  about 20
> more than our holocene year? Thank you, Tom =