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New Caenagnathus material from Dinosaur Park. Alberta

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

G.F. Funston, W.S. Persons IV, G.J. Bradley & P.J. Currie (2015)
New material of the large-bodied caenagnathid Caenagnathus collinsi
from the Dinosaur Park Formation of Alberta, Canada.
Cretaceous Research 54: 179–187

A reexamination of large caenagnathid material from the Upper
Cretaceous (Campanian) Dinosaur Park Formation of Alberta, Canada,
reveals undescribed material referable to Caenagnathus collinsi. A
femur, two astragalocalcanei, two metatarsals, two unguals, and a
caudal vertebra provide anatomical information on Caenagnathus
collinsi. Estimates of femoral length based on the proportions of
other oviraptorids suggest that the non-femoral material represents a
taxon intermediate in size between Chirostenotes pergracilis from the
Dinosaur Park Formation and Anzu wyliei from the Maastrichtian Hell
Creek Formation. The femur is within the range of predictions, and
confirms the body size estimates based on the other material. The
large size of the material and a number of morphological characters
distinguish the material from Chirostenotes pergracilis and suggest
that it is referable to Caenagnathus collinsi. The relative diversity
of caenagnathids in the Dinosaur Park Formation is likely