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Abstract submission now open for the SystAss Biennial 2015 (August, Oxford, UK)

Want to give a talk or a poster at the Systematics Association Biennial meeting (Oxford, UK 26-28 August 2015)?

Abstract submission now open: http://systass.org/biennial2015/#abstract

Members of this mailing list may be particularly interested in Symposium 4:
Rooted in deep time: Palaeontological contributions to systematics


Palaeontology provides unique data with a bearing on the evolutionary history of biological lineages. This symposium will survey the Tree of Life, examining the impact that fossils make on hypothesized relationships, sequences of character change, and timings of major divergences in a series of major clades ranging from single-celled plankton to mammals. Specifically, this symposium sets out to examine: (i) the ways in which extreme variability of the fossil record across biological groups influences approaches to systematic questions in different clades; (ii) the way in which incomplete or biased preservation of biological structures might bias phylogenetic inference; (iii) the relevance of palaeontological data for exposing instances of homoplasy in extant groups that might otherwise lead to erroneous systematic hypotheses; (iv) the role of fossils in atomizing sequences of character change leading to modern clades. Apart from exploring these major themes, our symposium sets out to summarize relationships and evolutionary history for conspicuous branches of the Tree of Life in light of fossils, paralleling similar efforts completed largely or exclusively with recent data.

Confirmed Speakers:

Robert Asher, University of Cambridge [mammals], UK
Tracy Aze, University of Oxford [foraminiferans], UK
Martin Brazeau, Imperial College Silwood Park [gnathostomes],UK
Russell Garwood, University of Manchester [terrestrial arthropods], UK
Paul Kenrick, The Natural History Museum [plants], London , UK
David Legg, University of Oxford [arthropods], UK
Johannes Müller, Museum für Naturkunde Berlin [lepidosaurs], UK
Imran Rahman, University of Bristol [echinoderms], UK
Robert Sansom, University of Manchester [chordates], UK
Jakob Vinther, University of Bristol [molluscs/annelids], UK

For further contact / queries, email: sabiennial2015@systass.org