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Biggest Plateosaurus from Switzerland + dinosaur injuries + Sereno video

Ben Creisler

A number of recent items:

Switzerland's biggest Plateosaurus fossil found at Frick

New fossil of Plateosaurus is about 8 meters long (biggest known from
Germany is about 9 meters long), found in the Triassic-age Frick
Quarry in Switzerland. The site appears to be a waterhole that trapped
the dinosaurs in mud.

This article has photos and a  chronology of fossil finds in the Frick
quarry (in German)


This article also mentions a new Triassic theropod from the quarry to
be described probably next year (in German)


In French



Worst injuries found in fossil dinosaurs



A talk by Paul Sereno back in 2013, posted to YouTube a few months
back, comparing mammal and dinosaur anatomy, explaining why
quadrupedal dinosaurs couldn't really gallop (it's how the shoulder is