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External mandibular fenestra in basal pterosaurs

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

S. Christopher Bennett (2015)
An external mandibular fenestra and other archosauriform characters in
basal pterosaurs re-examined.
Historical Biology 27(6): 796-814

It was claimed that pterosaurs had external mandibular fenestrae,
antorbital fossae and muscle scars homologous with the femoral fourth
trochanter of archosauriforms, and that those characters suggested
that the Pterosauria were within the clade Erythrosuchus +
Archosauria. Pertinent parts of available specimens are described to
confirm that one pterosaur had external mandibular fenestrae and one
had antorbital fossae. However, arguments are presented that
possession of external mandibular fenestrae does not support inclusion
of the Pterosauria within the clade Erythrosuchus + Archosauria and
that the antorbital fossae in the one pterosaur are not homologous
with those of the clade Erythrosuchus + Archosauria. Arguments are
also presented that the possession of a m. caudofemoralis scar by some
pterosaurs does not support inclusion of the Pterosauria within the
clade Erythrosuchus + Archosauria, whereas the lack of homologous
antorbital fossae and a mound-like or aliform fourth trochanter
supports exclusion of the Pterosauria from that clade.