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Re: External mandibular fenestra in basal pterosaurs

Rescued from truncation...

From: William Parker <saurian55@gmail.com>
To: dinosaur mailing list <dinosaur@usc.edu>
Subject: Re: External mandibular fenestra in basal pterosaurs

Please don't put too much stock in Bennett's (2015) ideas about Tawa hallae
and Dromomeron romeri forming an ontogenetic series of the same taxon. This
has already appeared in the Wikipedia entry for Dromomeron. This hypothesis
is based on only the published material of D. romeri. However, there is a
large amount of unpublished material from the Hayden Quarry as well as
other SW NA TR sites that clearly demonstrates that the femoral head
anatomy is not due to crushing or a lack of ossification. Furthermore, this
material shows that there is indeed a lagerpetid dinosauromorph in the
Hayden Quarry and it includes the type material of D. romeri.


Bill Parker