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Re: Deccan Traps Vs. Asteroid

The Deccan traps started around 66.25 mya, erupting in a series of episodes 
that lasted for probably 30,000 years.
The K-Pg extinction event is connected with the Chicxulub Impact event  66.236 
± 0.06 mya
Multiple impact theory includes the Shiva Crater about 66 mya may be 
connected/or caused the Deccan Traps.
Then there is the draining of the intercontinental seas and rising oreganies 
and altered climatic patterns.

My stand is that the life on this planet was doomed from all sides around about 
67-64 mya.

---- MICHAEL MURPHY <4mjmu@rogers.com> wrote: 
> Some  climate science people I know  are interested in this article 
> :http://www.skepticalscience.com/So-what-did-in-the-dinosaurs.html pumping 
> the Deccan Traps as the cause of the KT extinction.  Is there a consensus 
> within the paleo community on this?  I thought the general view was Traps 
> might have contributed but impact was coup de grâce.  Has it changed lately?
> MJ MurphyBCL