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Ankylosaur systematics and phylogeny (including new Crichtonpelta) (free pdf)

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Another recent ankylosaur-related item:


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Date: Tue, Jul 28, 2015 at 7:56 AM
Subject: Ankyosaur systematics and phylogeny (including new
Crichtonpelta) (free pdf)
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A new online paper in open access:

Victoria M. Arbour & Philip J. Currie (2015)
Systematics, phylogeny and palaeobiogeography of the ankylosaurid dinosaurs.
Journal of Systematic Palaeontology (advance online publication)

The Ankylosauria is a group of herbivorous, quadrupedal, armoured
dinosaurs subdivided into at least two major clades, the
Ankylosauridae and the Nodosauridae. The most derived members of
Ankylosauridae had a unique tail club formed from modified, tightly
interlocking distal caudal vertebrae and enlarged osteoderms that
envelop the terminus of the tail. We review all known ankylosaurid
species, as well as ankylosaurs of uncertain affinities, in order to
conduct a revised phylogenetic analysis of the clade. The revised
phylogenetic analysis resulted in a monophyletic Ankylosauridae
consisting of Ahshislepelta, Aletopelta, Gastonia, Gobisaurus,
Liaoningosaurus, Shamosaurus and a suite of derived ankylosaurids
(Ankylosaurinae). There is convincing evidence for the presence of
nodosaurids in Asia during the Early Cretaceous. In the mid
Cretaceous, Asian nodosaurids were replaced by ankylosaurine
ankylosaurids. Ankylosaurines migrated into North America from Asia
between the Albian and Campanian, where they diversified into a clade
of ankylosaurines, here named Ankylosaurini, characterized by arched
snouts and numerous flat cranial caputegulae. There is no evidence for
any ankylosaurids in Gondwana; Ankylosauridae appears to be completely
restricted to Asia and North America. The genus Crichtonpelta gen.
nov. is created, type species Crichtonsaurus benxiensis Lü et al.