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Dinosaur tracks from Tacuarembó Formation (Late Jurassic-?Early Cretaceous) of Uruguay

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Valeria Mesa & Daniel Perea (2015)
First Record of Theropod and Ornithopod Tracks and Detailed
Description of Sauropod Trackways from the Tacuarembó Formation (Late
Jurassic-?Early Cretaceous) of Uruguay.
Ichnos 22(2): 109-121

The record of dinosaur tracks and trackways from the Tacuarembó
Formation (Late Jurassic-?Early Cretaceous) is described in detail:
two trackways and four isolated tracks. Ichnites are preserved in
sandstones of interdune facies of the Batoví (lower) Member. The
interpretation herein presented indicates a sauropod affinity of the
trackways, while the isolated prints are considered to have been made
by an ornithopod and small theropods. The fossil record for this
formation was primarily integrated by fresh-water organisms. The
presence of new groups (sauropods and ornithopods) has specially
contributed to the reconstruction of the terrestrial fauna,
represented up until this time only by theropods.