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Re: Survival into the Paleocene

Current exposures especially those with the K-Pg event horizon are the best 
places to look but large exposures are not so easy to come by without serious 
excavating. Best formations to look are those that begin in the latest 
Cretaceous and contain into the earliest Paleocene without depositional 

The Fort Union Formation in Montana, Wyoming & North Dakota; the Hell Creek 
Formation; come to mind.

---- Poekilopleuron <dinosaurtom2015@seznam.cz> wrote: 
> Good day,
> I wonder if there's a chance of non-avian dinosaur survival into the 
> Paleocene for the time long enough to provide us with non-reworked paleocene
> fossils? I suppose some dinosaur species lived for at least a few tenths of 
> thousands of years into the Cenozoic era. What is the chance that we will 
> find their fossils in case their populations were not too numerous? Thank 
> you, Tom