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Dinosaurs from Early Cretaceous in Mazongshan area, Gansu Province, China (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A new paper in Chinese with open access link:

ZHANG Qiannan, YOU Hailu &  LI Daqing (2015)
Dinosaurs from late Early Cretaceous in the Mazongshan area, Gansu Province.
Geological Bulletin of China 34(5):890-897

Dinosaur fossils from Gongpoquan and Yujingzi basins in the Mazongshan
area of Gansu Province were reviewed in this paper, and they can be
assigned to the Mazongshan dinosaur assemblage (Aptian—Albian) based
on the similarity of the output layers and members of dinosaur
fossils. This assemblage has several characteristics by comparing with
dinosaurs from the Jehol Biota. In general, Mazongshan dinosaur fossil
assemblage is of great significance to further study of dinosaurs from
Early Cretaceous strata of northern China.