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Re: Mosasaur´s tooth found in Cuba

This is the link I found: http://www.perlavision.icrt.cu/index.php/ciencias2

"Ing. Lisué Capó Marrero" <lisuecm@infomed.sld.cu> escribió:

Hi friends,
as you know from publications of Iturralde-Vinent and Gasparini, the Jurassic of western Cuba have yielded pliosaurs, plesiosaurs, racheosaurins, ictyosaurs, turtles, pterosaurs and dinosaurs... Some months ago, the Cuban newspapers published a short note about a very rare finding of highly fossilized Cretaceous tetrapods. But recently I known from Iturralde-Vinent that some people found the remains of a Mosasaur´s tooth. As I dont have Internet right now, I will be very grateful if you find in the web any photo or any aditional information about this.

Ing. Yasmani Ceballos Izquierdo

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