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Dinosaur papers in new Geogaceta (free pdfs)

Ben Creisler

New papers in open access in Spanish journal Geogaceta:

M. Masrour, L. Ladel and F. Pérez-Lorente (2015)
New theropod and prosauropod ichnites from Issil-n-Aït Arbi (Lower
Jurassic, Central High Atlas, Morocco). [Nuevas icnitas terópodas y
prosaurópodas en Issil-n-Aït Arbi (Jurásico Inferior, Alto Atlas
Central, Marruecos) ]
Geogaceta 57: 55-58

The 1AAR group of outcrops show traces of bipedal and quadrupedal
dinosaurs. The bipedal ichnites have been associated with theropod and
prosauropod footprints, while the quadrupedal are associated with
prosauropod footprints. It is possible that some of the quadrupedal
traces were sauropod footprints, but the poor preservation and the
outcrop conditions do not allow us direct and appropriate observations
of them. Diagnostic characters and the possible attribution of the
footprints are described in this paper. Although it is not the first
time that prosauropod traces are signaled from the AAR, the footprints
of the present outcrops result morphologically different, probably due
to reaction of mud during the formation of the ichnite.


J.M. Gasca  and  J. I. Canudo (2015)
Sobre la presencia de Sauropoda (Dinosauria) en la Formación Mirambel
(Barremiense inferior, Teruel, España). [On the presence of Sauropoda
(Dinosauria) in the Mirambel Formation (lower Barremian, Teruel,
Geogaceta 57: 59-62

The fossil record of dinosaurs from the Mirambel Formation (Barremian,
Teruel province, Spain) is relatively scarce, being cited the presence
of iguanodontian ornithopods and basal tetanuran theropods until now.
In this paper, we document the presence of sauropods in this unit for
the first time. They are fragmentary postcranial remains found in
different fossil localities. Taken together, they present diagnostic
characters for documenting the presence of one or more taxa within
Titanosauriformes, which could be Somphospondyli, but in any case can
be included within Titanosauria.


J.M. Gasca, D. Ramón del Río, M. Moreno-Azanza and J.I. Canudo (2015)
Fósiles aislados de dinosaurios ornitópodos (Iguanodontia) en la
Formación Mirambel (Cretácico Inferior, Teruel, España). [Isolated
fossils of ornithopod dinosaurs (Iguanodontia) from the Mirambel
Formation (Lower Cretaceous, Teruel, Spain) ]
Geogaceta 57: 63-66

In this work we describe fossils of iguanodontian ornithopod dinosaurs
from five new fossil localities of the Mirambel Formation (Barremian,
Lower Cretaceous) in the municipalities of Castellote and Tronchón
(Teruel, Spain). The studied fossils include an anterior fragment of a
left maxilla bearing functional teeth, remains of three caudal
vertebrae and a mid pedal phalanx, all of them assigned to
Styracosterna indet. The big size of the fossil remains is coherent
with this interpretation. The finding of these fossils represents new
evidence on the abundance of remains belonging to iguanodontian
ornithopods both in the Mirambel Formation as in the Lower Cretaceous
of the Iberian Range as a whole.