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Liujianpus, new sauropodomorph ichnogenus from Lower Jurassic of China

Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

Lida Xing, Martin G. Lockley, Jianping Zhang, Hendrik Klein, Daqing
Li, Tetsuto Miyashita, Zhongdong Li & Susanna B. Kümmell (2015)
A new sauropodomorph ichnogenus from the Lower Jurassic of Sichuan,
China fills a gap in the track record.
Historical Biology (advance online publication)

A dinosaur tracksite in the Lower Jurassic Ziliujing Formation of
Sichuan Province, China consists of a spectacular sub-vertical
exposure, with multiple track-bearing levels and trackways showing
parallel and bimodal orientations. Based on well-preserved material,
the new ichnogenus and ichnospecies, Liujianpus shunan ichnogen. nov.
ichnosp. nov. is erected to accommodate distinctive sauropodomorph
trackways occurring in this assemblage. Liujianpus has a unique
combination of features, some relating to the early Jurassic basal
sauropodomorph (prosauropod in traditional usage) ichnogenus Otozoum,
others to the sauropod ichnogenus Brontopodus. Despite such a mix of
basal sauropodomorph- and sauropod-like features, the trackmaker of
Liujianpus is likely a basal sauropodomorph. This identification is
consistent with the occurrence of basal sauropodomorph skeletons from
geographically and chronologically close localities. The other
distinct morphotype from the tracksite is linked to a sauropod
trackmaker. As such, the ichnofauna consisting of two distinct foot
morphotypes reflects the diversity of sauropodomorph dinosaurs in the
Early Jurassic of Asia.