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Cretaceous saurischian tracksites from Sichuan Province, China

Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Lida Xing, Geng Yang, Jun Cao, Martin G. Lockley, Hendrik Klein,
Jianping Zhang, W. Scott Persons IV, Haiqian Hu, Hongjiang Shen,
Xiaomin Zheng & Yongchao Qin (2015)
Cretaceous saurischian tracksites from southwest Sichuan Province and
overview of Late Cretaceous dinosaur track assemblages of China.
Cretaceous Research 56: 458–469

Dinosaur tracks from Upper Cretaceous deposits of Sichuan Province,
China have proved of great significance for two reasons: they (1)
provide unambiguous evidence of dinosaurs from this epoch in this
region, and (2) demonstrate that the track bearing units of the
Leidashu Formation are not Paleocene-Eocene in age as previously
claimed by some authors. We herein describe five small sites, from the
Zhaojue area and the nearby Xide areas. Two sites are dominated by
theropod tracks, including one with small tracks of Eubrontes-like
morphology, and another with deep tracks revealing long metatarsal
impressions, probably indicating a soft substrate. Three sites yield
only sauropod tracks. Combined data from these five tracksites
document a typical saurischian dominated ichnofauna, and based on
present evidence these assemblages are less diverse than those from
Lower Cretaceous sites in the region. However a larger sample is
necessary to test this suggestion.