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Giant Siberian Psittacosaurus skull freed + more

Ben Creisler

A few recent international items:

An update:

Scientists have now freed the skull of the largest Psittacosaurus from
the block of matrix removed last summer from the "graveyard of
dinosaurs" at Shestakovo in Siberia. The skull is larger than a human
head, and the "horns" on the skull are said be as long as a man's
hand--the pair span 36 cm across. The specimen (2.5 m long) is
presumed to be a male (nicknamed "papa"). A group of psittacosaurs
(from 10 to 12) that may have been a family were apparently walking
along a dry creek bed under heavy rain and were washed away by a
mudflow. The bodies then drifted into a pit where they were buried
under clay. (in Russian)


Andrey Atuchin artwork for Psittacosaurus sibiricus (no tail bristles)


Modified to add tail bristles (scan down page)



Okay...maybe a bit off topic, but nice slides of big male Siberian
tiger leading family through snow...with a few adjustments, imagine
Psittacosaurus sibiricus minus the snow....



New book highlight's work of early German paleoartist Heinrich Harder
(1858–1935) (in German)


Website with Harder's paintings and paleoart:



Life-size moving dinosaurs to promote new bullet train to Fukui in Japan



Restoring Torvosaurus