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Tyrannosaurus rex exhibit and growth series

Ben Creisler

Some recent news and blog items about Tyrannosaurus and an exhibit at
the Museum of the Rockies to open April 11, 2015:

New Tyrannosaurus rex exhibit to open at Museum of the Rockies



Opening April 11, 2015!
The Tyrant Kings, featuring Montana's T. rex
Tyrannosaurus rex, meaning “tyrant lizard king,” roamed the earth 65
million years ago. Now T. rex will roam the earth again, right here at
Museum of the Rockies in the Siebel Dinosaur Complex. Soon to be among
only a handful of museums in the world to display a fossilized T. rex
skeleton, MOR’s new exhibit will present one of the most spectacular
specimens ever unearthed – called Montana’s T. rex. Discovered near
the Fort Peck Dam and one of the most complete T. rex skeletons ever
found, Montana’s T. rex stands 12 feet tall and approximately 40 feet
from nose to tail. It would have weighed almost seven tons as it
walked the eastern regions of the state. MOR’s new exhibit will also
display a series of skulls from our collections that show the growth
of T. rex – from juvenile specimens to the largest T. rex skull ever
discovered. The Tyrant Kings, featuring Montana’s T. rex presents the
science and research of Tyrannosaurus rex in a very, very big way.



Video of T. rex growth between "Chomper" and "Jane"


Photo of T. rex growth series "Stan," "Jane," & "Chomper"