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Re: T. rex lifting power

Why would you want to lift an small 800kg metal vehicle with your mouth. It 
would require Tyrannosaurus to employ a different stance to maintain its 
balance during the lift. The small arms would provide little if any assist, and 
if losing or damaging most of your teeth in the attempt wasn't enough, then yes 
it is possible for the neck muscles to handle the load. Now the pulling 
strength of a Tyrannosaurus' neck muscles could most likely handle more. 
Kicking the vehicle about would seem a safer behavior.
---- Poekilopleuron <dinosaurtom2015@seznam.cz> wrote: 
> Good day,
> I've read an article about recent study of Carcharodontosaurus lifting power
> (link below). If its jaw and neck muscles were capable of lifting 424 
> kilograms, then how much would presumably much stronger (albeit slightely 
> smaller) _Tyrannosaurus rex_ lift? Given its jaw pressure was twice that of 
> _C. saharicus_, was it able to elevate, say, a smaller car weighing aroind 
> 800 kilograms? Are any estimates available? Would it really be able to play 
> with an electric jeep the way we saw in Jurassic park? Thank you, Tom
> https://dinosaurusblog.wordpress.com/2015/05/04/uzvedli-by-obri-teropodi-v-
> tlame-automobil/ (in Czech)