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Sauropod remains from Upper Jurassic of Chile

Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

Leonardo Salgado, Fernando E. Novas, Manuel Suarez, Rita de la Cruz,
Marcelo Isasi, David Rubilar-Rogers & Alexander Vargas (2015)
Upper Jurassic sauropods in the Chilean Patagonia.
Ameghiniana (advance online publication)

The first sauropod remains (i.e., isolated vertebrae and appendicular
bones) from the Late Jurassic of Aysén, in the Chilean Patagonia
(Toqui Formation, late Tithonian) are described. Although the
available bones found are fragmentary, they allow the recognition of
an unsuspected sauropod diversity for this period in South America.
The materials indicate the presence of at least three different
sauropod lineages: an indeterminate group of sauropods, possible
Titanosauriformes, and Diplodocoidea. Within this last clade, a
phylogenetic analysis places the remains within Diplodocinae and
provides the first unequivocal record of this clade in the Late
Jurassic of South America. These records give important information
about the poorly known evolutionary history of sauropods in South
American before the Cretaceous.