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New New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletins now available

Just a note, the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science has recently 
published several new bulletins that may be of interest to some out there. 
These include:

~~NMMNH&S BULLETIN 65: Carboniferous-Permian transition in the Robledo 
Mountains, southern New Mexico

Edited by Spencer G. Lucas and William A. DiMichele

This 167-page volume presents 9 articles on the Late Carboniferous and Early 
Permian stratigraphy, sedimentology and paleontology in and around the 
Prehistoric Trackways National Monument in southernNew Mexico. In particular, 
it presents new data on the nonmarine and marine biostratigraphy of Lower 
Permian Hueco Group strata.

~~NMMNH&S BULLETIN 66: The marine fish fauna of the middle Pleistocene Port 
Orford Formation and El River Beds, Cape Blanco, Oregon

By Bruce J. Welton

This 45-page monograph documents Pleistocene fishes from Oregon, with heavy 
emphasis on otoliths.


~~NMMNH&S BULLETIN 67: Fossil Record 4

Edited by Robert M. Sullivan and Spencer G. Lucas

This 332-page volume presents 39 articles on diverse topics in paleontology, 
including Devonian brachiopods, Cretaceous dinosaurs, and Tertiary mammals and 

Sorry I do not have a table of contents for these volumes at the moment, but 
that should be available to anyone who would like it.

If you are interested in ordering, Bulletin 65 costs $30, Bulletin 66 costs 
$12, and Bulletin 67 costs $40. You can contact Beth Ricker, Store Manager for 
the NMMNH&S, at beth@naturalhistoryfoundation.org to place orders.




Steven E. Jasinski 
Acting Curator of Paleontology and Geology 
State Museum of Pennsylvania 

Department of Earth and Environmental Science 
University of Pennsylvania 

Phone: (717)783-9897