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Sauropod undertracks called stone flowers in local folklore in Chongqing, China (free pdf)

Ben Creisler

A new paper with free pdf at the link:

Xing, L.D., Lockley, M.G., Wang, F.P., Hu, X.F., Luo, S.Q., Zhang,
J.P., Du, W., Persons, W.S.IV., Xie, X.M., Dai, H., Wang, X.Q. (2015)
Stone flowers explained as dinosaur undertracks: unusual ichnites from
the Lower Cretaceous Jiaguan Formation, Qijiang District, Chongqing,
Geological Bulletin of China 34(5): 885–890

Two large footprint features preserved as natural casts on the
underside of an overhang in the sand-rich Jiaguan Formation of the
Tiger tracksite, Qijiang District, Chongqing, China, are shown to be
unusual undertrack features of the type reported from other Cretaceous
sites in Korea and North America. A combination of radial and
concentric, semi-brittle deformation gives these undertracks a
"chopped up" or reticulate appearance which sometimes resembles a
segmented flower or cauliflower-like morphology. This has given rise
to local folklore references to stone flowers. Such features while of
undisputed dinosaurian origin clearly demonstrate extramorphological


News story in Chinese with photos