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Re: Main cause of non-avian dinosaur extinction

My opinion: 3 major stress components make up the K-Pg extinction

1. Loss of the shallow seas worldwide -- climatic weather changes [long term]
2. Deccan Traps -- atmospheric and oceanic chemical changes [over a 500,000 
year period], breakdown of food chain
3. Chicxulub Impact -- sudden, large impact area destruction, tsunamis, fire 
storms, and 'nuclear' winter [instantaneous effects lasting about 5 years]

John Schneiderman

---- Poekilopleuron <dinosaurtom2015@seznam.cz> wrote: 
> Good day,
> I would like to ask what is the general opinion about the main cause of K-T 
> extinction: Deccan volcanoes, asteroid Chicxulub or both (I know of the 
> recent study suggesting, that the latter caused the former)... Thank you, 
> Tom